The International Residential Code sets certain building codes that define the areas where tempering glass should be placed inside a house to avoid the possibility of injury or even death.

Uses Of Tempered Glass In Your Home

In accordance with the IRC, all glass panels used in fixed sliding, swinging bifold, operable or fixed doors should be made of tempered or laminated glass. Glass that is located within 24 inches of the doorway has to be made from the tempered glass if it is not more than 60 inches higher than the surface of the walk. This rule is not applicable when the glass is used for decorative purposes or if the glass's opening is less than three inches.

  • Bathroom glass

The glass is used in bathrooms or wet-area like bathtubs, shower steam rooms, hot tubs, and saunas. Whirlpools, saunas, spa decks, and swimming pools must be made of glass that is tempered or safe in the event that you are located not more than 60 inches over the surface of the walkway and is within 60 inches the distance from water.

  • Glass near stairways

The glass used in walls next to landings, stairs, and ramps must be constructed of tempered glass when the glass is located within five feet of the bottom or top of the stairs. The lower edge is at least 60 inches above the surface of the walk. Glass balusters and stair rails panels must be constructed from tempered glass.

  • Windows

A window that is fixed or moveable that is larger than 9 square feet needs to be constructed from tempered glass. This is true even when the glass's bottom edge is not more than 18 inches higher than the floor and its top edge is greater than 36 inches above the floor.


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